New Age series

Mar 22, 15 New Age series

The ‘About the New Age’ series


Welcome! As a former New Ager and now a Christian, this series is on topics near and dear to me, which is about what New Agers believe and about Christianity. I pray that this series is instructive and illuminating.



About the New Age – Table of Contents:


1) ‘My Testimony – from New Ager to Born-again Christian’

2) ‘Bible Verses that resonate with New Agers’

3) ‘One Life to Live – against Reincarnation’

4) ‘About the Jesus and Horus Myth’

5) ‘New Age thinking and a warning to Christians’

6) ‘A Call for Christians to Discern’


This is a Link to my ‘Hell series’. New Age believers don’t believe a loving God would send the people he professes to love to Hell so this is my attempt on clarifying the concept of Hell and why it exists but most importantly, about our loving God.


Great resources for discerning Christians:

More Than a Carpenter by Josh & Sean McDowell – an apologetic

The Beautiful Side of Evil by Johanna Michaelsen – a testimony by a former New Ager

The Light that was Dark by Warren B. Smith – a testimony by a former New Ager

Inside the New Age Nightmare by Randall Baer – a testimony by a former New Ager (he died just as the book was published)

Another Jesus Calling by Warren B. Smith – about the dangers of Contemplative prayer

False Christ Coming: by Warren B. Smith – a warning to Christians

The Seduction of Christianity by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon – a warning to Christians

One or Two by Peter Jones – a warning to Christians


I found a really good, short (relatively) article from 1992 about the New Age Movement – the link is:

‘The New Age Movement by Kerby Anderson’.




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