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Mar 22, 15 Jesus Horus Myth

4) About the Jesus and Horus myth – in the series: About the New Age

My experience and observation:

As mentioned, I was raised New Age – so looking back now, I can see that the flaws I thought I saw in Christianity, are prevalent in New Age/Syncretism*, specifically the incredible lack of reliable sourcing on belief system claims and their criticisms against Christianity.

I remember reading that Jesus’ virgin birth and his raising from the dead were not unique to him. There were already existing “myth” stories prior to Jesus time on earth, whose character exhibited these two attributes. Writers critical of Christianity mentioned their facts but briefly and for some reason, I didn’t give their mentions the same skeptical intensity and critical thinking that I gave to the bible writers and early church fathers. Regarding one claim, specifically to these two above mentioned occurrences: the Jesus and Horus similarities, they don’t actually exist. Beginning AND end of story. This is just one example of this type of claim; it is based on zero facts but that doesn’t stop it from still having incredible ‘legs’ as if it is legitimate. Another claim is the supposed similarity between Jesus and Dionysus, the patron Greek God of wine. Again, no similarities found in verifiable sourcing.

I specifically remember one claim by a “critical of Christianity” writer referring to when Christian missionaries visited Northern Japan and discovered that the Buddhist there had their own tradition of a virgin birth but by Buddha five hundred years before Jesus Christ.

The Buddha birth story translated from their sacred writings makes no mention of a virgin birth.

BUT I took copious notes anyway from that and other books in order to convince anyone that Jesus was not unique.

I remember the last New Age book I read when still a New Ager. It claimed that Jesus family had visited the church fathers in the 3rd century to tell them that the Jesus they knew was not the Jesus that the church was proclaiming. No sourcing. This time, though, the claims by the author fell short because I had also been reading early Christian doctrine and theology books, which had excellent and reputable sourcing. In fact, I was discovering that things that the “critical of Christianity” writers were claiming as “embarrassments” to the church were already well known to scholarly Christians and well rebutted by them through these last two-thousand years. There truly is no new thing (or argument) under the sun.

Now as I read over internet/online “critical of Christianity” websites, what strikes me is how weak their arguments are. Things taken totally out of context by people with no scholarly or cultural background and their using less than reputable translations of original texts. If they would have an open-minded conversation with scholarly conservative Christians, they would realize that their arguments for the inconsistencies they see in the bible, etc., don’t exist.

One of the many things that helped me see the validity of Christian sourcing was that some incredible brilliant minds through these last two thousand years have been well aware of the critics arguments (they aren’t citing anything new), they would efficiently take the arguments head-on and remain unshaken.

It was Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels who is attributed to stating, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.

In New Age, the idea that Jesus was just one of many others who had his attributes and lifetime occurrences, supports their belief that everyone can have these same experiences. They believe that Jesus and those “others” like him, were just archetypes of what we can become and what we are becoming.

*Syncretism definition: In a religious sense, a person who has syncretized his religious belief system, has picked and chosen different aspects from different religions and melded them together. For example, you take a bit of Native American mythology and mix it with Buddhism, and toss in a few other things such as Occultism and Theosophy. I was a Gnostic Christian and therefore open to any similar mysticism beliefs.


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  1. Donna Beeson

    Elaine, I haven’t connected with you for a while but I enjoyed your article. I am probably going to take my grandchildren to see the dead sea scrolls at the science center. They are an amazing discovery and the closest thing to absolute proof of the Bible that I can think of. Donna


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