Jesus wept – Profound!

Sep 05, 13 Jesus wept – Profound!

Jesus wept” – a short bible verse; easy to memorize!  And almost miss-able in its profoundness. This verse occurs only in the Gospel of John 11:35.  Jesus is approaching the household of his close friend Lazarus, who has been dead for a few days.  In fact, when he was sent for with the news that Lazarus was very ill, Jesus “tarried” thus assuring that when Jesus did raise him from the dead, there could be NO mistaking that Lazarus was truly dead for a time.
But why did Jesus weep?
Surely as the unique/only God/man, Jesus knew that he would rescue Lazarus from the grave, right? Yes, MOST assuredly.
So, Jesus wept because as the Creator, he knew that Death was NEVER something created by him for mankind.


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