Missional New-Age style

Jun 06, 16 Missional New-Age style

I’m a former New Ager turned Evangelical Christian. Truly, only with God is the impossible possible! (Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27) I became a Christian at the age of 48 so I have many, many years viewing the world from a New Age viewpoint.

This blog is specifically about my perspective when a New Ager and my thought process in regards to being Missional. New Agers are very missional, engaging others to try and influence them with their message. Christians can learn a thing or two. I believed it was my mission to help evolve the world / global community to the bigger picture, which I believed was that we are all apart of God (God is in everything and everything is a part of God) and that a forward process / evolution is necessary for mankind to reach his full potential, which is that each of us needs to wake up to the fact that we are god.

You could accomplish this by sneaking some “Truth” into a conversation, recommending a book or movie that has aspects of the “Truth” in it, encouraging someone with a “Truth” nugget. As a New Ager, you’re just programmed this way.

For the most part, people, being created for a perfect world (pre-fall) to encourage and help each other, will still exhibit this tendency, but without a secure anchor in Jesus, they are sharing really destructive ideas which benefit our enemy satan, and allow him to keep people blind, ready for his slaughter, death, and eternal separation from God our Creator.

Since becoming a Christian, off the top of my head, I can tell you of three (3) specific situations when sincere people have recommended New Age books, plus two (2) more that I know of prescribed by professionals:

1) During my last trip to Germany, a dear friend recommended “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran as her go-to help book. A dear mutual friend had cancer (she has since died) and these two women were the best of the best of friends. I’d read this book as a kid and it was sad to learn that she resonated with such a deceptive book (I’ve just remembered that a family friend of one of my son-in-laws gave them this book for their marriage!).

2) When I was last in the hospital, my roommate had a group of women visitors and one told her that she was going to get her the best book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne because it would give her such hope in this time of difficulty. Later, I was able to let my roommate know that if she was looking for a book that represented the Jesus of the Bible, this book was not it. Thankfully, she turned out to be a Christian and she appreciated the warning.

3) At a friend’s party, the hired and very talented magician, told a few of us that the best book that had changed his life was “The Secret”.

By “Professionals”:

4) At a friend’s house, I noticed the book, “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, spiritual speaker and author. Her counselor had prescribed it for her. As gently and respectful as I could, I warned her it was New Age, but her husband replied that her counselor is a good Catholic and so the book must be okay. I was aware of this book because my parents took the online course through Oprah Winfrey’s organization. Promoted as a ‘self-help’ book, it is blatantly a New Age instruction manual. Tolle previously authored “The Power of Now”, which is now published by New World Library, a New Age publisher. Oprah stated of that title that it was “essential spiritual teaching”. As the marketing manager for New Age publisher, 10 Speed Press, New Age ‘Celestial Arts’ imprint, noted for a book’s success, “We just need to slap a cover on it (one of their New Age books) and get it into Oprah’s hands.”

5) My distant cousin has been years in a convalescent home. During one of our weekly phone calls, she mentioned her counselor prescribing a book for her to help her with her depression, “One Soul, Many Lives: First Hand Stories of Reincarnation and the Striking Evidence of Past Lives” by Roy Stemman. I talked to her about the incompatibility of reincarnation with Christianity and then followed up with a written letter too.

I’m sure both counselors had the best of intentions.

I too spread my interpretation of “Good News” by trying to point people to my version of “Truth” in subtle ways. Thankfully, while still a New Ager, at a difficult point in my life, I went to a counselor for a few sessions and although she resonated with my worldview to the extent that she believes “all paths lead to God”, she also forced me to look at the way I viewed myself and my perceived contribution to my world. I had expressed to her the need of always trying to take the high road in situations (which really isn’t possible when you don’t have a solid Christian foundation and the “God as your Creator / Jesus” compass to guide you) because I felt that I was more “evolved” then other people.

From my viewpoint, in this life time (see my reincarnation blog for a fuller explanation ‘One Life to Live – against Reincarnation’), I was the one who was fully aware of the “Truth”, which is that we reincarnate many times to fully reach our potential but only the more evolved souls come to realize this “Truth” in an actual lifetime. So, obviously, I was “evolved” because I knew the “Truth” in this lifetime. Therefore, I felt that I had more responsibility to assist other souls (people) in their journey to the “Truth” because I realized the full implications of events, things, etc., beyond the day-to-day situations, i.e. I saw the “big picture”: we are all working to becoming God.

My counselor floored me when she asked essentially, “Who made you responsible for them/the outcome/the circumstances?” and “Why is this your responsibility?” I began to see that it was a pretty arrogant way to view myself that also had the flipside of producing a tremendous burden. Kinda a martyr mentality. I was laboring away in my perception. Thank you, God! YOU can use any situation!  As this was one of the ways the Holy Spirit continued to woo me to Him and it was a small step towards the realization of the actual Truth of Jesus as only Savior of mankind.

Thankfully, He tells us, Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30 ESV

Thankfully, He tells us that He only, the Word incarnate, is the Good News, and that authentic Christians need to share that with the world.

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.” John 17:17 ESV



  1. Donna

    It’s unusual for an adult who basically becomes set in their ways, to re-examine the truth and find their way to Christ. That’s a lot of thinking, and an acceptance of the truth. I’m talking with a man who is in the Christian Science religion and he is taking responsibility for his own Destiny though it is good that he’s examining different religions. But his examination of Christianity is because he grew up in the Catholic Church. He feels that he knows all about that. So he’s kind of dismissed Christianity as the only way to God. I can I keep talking to him but I’m not sure that he’s going to listen.

  2. Good point, Donna, that the man you are speaking with is at least trying to consider other worldviews. Praying that God gives him a repentant heart and that he’s willing to have ears that hear and eyes to see the truth of the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus. God bless you!

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