1) Jesus Was a Revolutionary

Sep 08, 10 1) Jesus Was a Revolutionary

Jesus WAS a Revolutionary

Revolutionary – radical, rebellious
Paradox – a person or thing that appears contradictory
Sedition – provoking people to rebel

Was Jesus a revolutionary? He was crucified as one. But was he guilty of being a revolutionist according to the Roman law? In other words, was he interested in overthrowing the current conquerors of the Jewish people: the Roman government? Because that WAS the charge leveled against him. This is the paradox: If Jesus HAD been willing to overthrow the Roman government, would he have been more popular to the Pharisees and Sadducees who brought the false charges of sedition against Jesus?

The Jews expected two (2) types of Messiah/Savior; actually two (2) separate men: The man of Sorrow or Suffering of which the prophet Isaiah spoke about in Isaiah: 53 and the conquering King of the Jews who would bring about an earthly kingdom, vanquishing their enemies. (David prophesied about him in his Psalm 2.) What they didn’t expect was what they got: a man who was both, establishing God’s idea of an earthly Kingdom.

Jesus WAS a revolutionary BUT his revolution wasn’t focused at the Roman government.

Who was Jesus a rebel against then?

And Why?


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